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2 years ago

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Many of these stories begin with the phrase: "This is a true story"... but this really is! ninaporn last month published a notice on this page in " dogging " and is a true representation of what happened. My name is Suz, I have 38, a slim size 8 with small breasts but big legs. Recently I've been in a relationship with a man who had some experience in the "swinging" scene was near Manchester, and his stories have fascinated me. After talking about it after a while I said, I like to do some things he had done on past experience. He suggested a website ad Asking the kids to join us for fun dogging parking. He took one sexy picture of me and got together with a request for cleaning, respectful kids come to us on Wednesday night in a remote parking. I spent all week thinking about what would happen, and how many people turn up. Every day, dozens of men through e- mail details to sound "case" application and both enjoyed the selection of a few that are real. by WWednesday afternoon had received 160 email requests for details and sent 70 invitations. Night came !...... I dressed in my skirt black micro mini short (only 10 cm long), black stockings and suspenders and a bra. All we had was up, long coat and on request, not wearing a thong. We drove into the parking lot with me all wet with excitement. Upon arrival, parked a ninaporn few cars already. We found a quiet place and parked our car. Before turning on the light (the signal for the boys agreed to get here ) I have my vibrator out of his pocket, was lying on his back with his head in my lap and friends took me to my first orgasm of the night. Once finished I told my partner, to bring to light. Within seconds, several men were full of the car. It was dark and not be so many details, but sat in the passenger seat, I saw a man 's cock had his pants and masturbated by my window. My partner instructd that the wind down the window and takes you to orgasm. The ninaporn window opened and a half cock was thrust upon me. Without thinking, I grabbed him, put it in my mouth and tasted strange cock first. That only lasted ninaporn about 5 seconds before I felt hot cum shooting into my mouth. After playing with his sperm with my tongue, I swallowed every drop. He moved away and another cock stood in front of me. Slow gentle straw and suck this took a little longer before emptying its load ninaporn into my mouth. Once again I swallowed hard and turned to my friend to check it was okay. It was then that I realized the car was fully observed by about 20 guys around me! My partner has to suck another man and the semen sample. I'm with a man in the dark at a distance from the car and told him to join me at my window. There was a thick cock clean of his pants and put it in front of my face. It extends forward, so it was my head out the car windowled to his mouth. He kept one hand on his cock and straw with the tip of his cock into my mouth with ease. After a few ninaporn minutes I felt a tug on the top of his cock and knew he was about to end. Preparing for the third running on my mouth open longer for the first batch of feeling hot liquid hit ninaporn the back of my mouth. Again and again shot his salty juice in me. I walked away slowly ninaporn and went to my friend sitting in the driver's seat. Before him, I leaned my head back slightly and opened his mouth, slowly dribble the hot juice down my cheeks and my breasts and rock. Hot as hell invaded my vibrator and took me to another orgasm with ninaporn all the kids to see!. The adventure ended ninaporn with me bent over my friend, who had opened the window on his side. I put my face through the open window, inches from my eyes friends. I took the cock first time I saw and began to masturbate slowly. Just before arriving, I put my head up highthe window and let him finish my
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